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As a digital marketing agency owner, I know all about the pains and frustrations of wanting to grow your agency but just not knowing the best way to do it, which is why in this blog post, I want to cover my top seven strategies that I’ve used over the years to massively grow my revenue, my profit, my customer base and build the agency of my dreams so you can do the same.

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Growing Your Business with a Digital Marketing Agency

Alright, so, if you’re here now, it’s because you want to grow your digital marketing agency which I first have to commend you on because wanting to grow your agency is a very noble pursuit.

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The more you grow, the more people you’re going to be able to serve, and the more people you serve well, the more they’re going to be able to serve in turn.

And thus, we fuel the business, we fuel capitalism, and we make the world a better place.

Now before we dive into the tips, real quick on my history just so you know who I am and why I’m qualified to talk about this, I’ve had a digital marketing agency for years, I started way back in the day by offering things like web design and social media.

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Over the years, that evolved into SEO and a lot of search engine marketing and then that evolved even further to where we are now which really focuses on online advertising like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, and Google ads.

And that essentially is where we’re at now.

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Now, when I first started the business years ago it was a very, very sketchy start, as I’m sure you can remember when you first started your agency.

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It was only when I drew a line in the sand and said this is the point where I’m going to make it or I’m essentially going to quit, give up, and go back and get a job again, well that’s when things really took off because I was willing to do the things that I’d been previously unwilling to do and that’s really what we’re really gonna be focusing on here is essentially leveraging the things that most of your competitors aren’t willing to do, which is gonna give you a leg up and allow you to really just blast them out of the water.

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So with that said, this first tip is gonna sound a little counterintuitive.

After all, if your goal is to grow and scale your agency, why would you want to do the unscalable?

Well, essentially the unscalable things are often the ones that have the most traction, especially when you’re trying to grow and really hit that next level.

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After all, there’s no substitute for face to face conversation.

Now, this is a mistake thatI made a few years ago.

As my agency started to explode, I started to move further and further away from those personal relationships and those face to face conversations.

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Breaking the Business Plateau with Digital Marketing

In turn, the business kind of ended up plateauing, and it was only when I started to recommit myself as the agency owner to doing those unscalable things like meeting clients in person, following up, doing a lot of really personal interaction.

Well, that’s when things took off again because my clients started to really understand that I truly, genuinely cared about them and about their success and I was willing to do the things that others were not.

Applying Principals with Digital Marketing

This next tip, I’m sure you’ve heard before, but it’s the 80/20 rule or Pareto principle, and we need to apply the 80/20 principle to your entire business.

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Now, if you’re not familiar with the Pareto principle, really quick, it essentially states that 80% of your results are gonna come from 20% of your efforts.

And again, 80% of your revenue, probably gonna come from around 20% of your clients.

If you offer multiple services, 80% of those are gonna account for only 20% of your revenue and 20% of those services are gonna account for 80% of your overall revenue.

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So, again, looking at things holistically, when you map everything out, let’s say you’re offering five different services, odds are pretty good it’s gonna be one or two that are providing the most bang for your buck.

Again, when you line out all of your clients, it’s probably going to be those top 20%, top 30%, that are going to account for most of your revenue.

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So what does this mean?

Well, when you look at all these things, it’s going to allow you to identify those services that are actually profitable and really driving your business forward and the ones that you can probably let go of.

Same things with your clients

When you really look at them, it’s going to allow you to pinpoint the ones that are providing the most revenue, so you can not only do a better job for them, but you can find the traits that are similar between them all and go out and get more clients just like them.

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This next tip is one I’ve fallen victim to countless times before and essentially what you want to do here is give them what they want, not what you want.

Even though you are the digital marketing expert, you know the business inside and out, you know what’s probably best for them, they may come to you looking for something completely different.

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Now, it is obviously going to be wise and ethical and honorable and authentic to end up giving them what they need in the end, but at the beginning, if they say they need just social media management, you’re best to approach that conversation and the client that way and then pitch them on the other things that they really should be doing after that.

So, it’s really hard to sell someone something that they don’t want or don’t think they need.

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It’s a lot easier to give them what they want and then convince them afterwards by showing them what you’ve done for them but how it could be so much better and really that’s the way that you want to approach this direction. Hamiltonwebs.com has been through a lot of different client interactions in the past.

When it comes to running a digital marketing agency, there’s a number of different things that go into it.

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There’s obviously the sales, there’s the marketing, there’s the fulfillment or the operations of the client work, there’s the finance side, and then there’s all of the other areas that go into it like the mindset and the team building and the leadership and the management, all that other stuff.

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Digital Marketing As a Business Owner

Well, you as the digital marketing agency owner, you’ve got a very unique skillset and essentially you want to stay operating in your zone of genius.

Maybe this is actually doing fulfillment for clients or maybe it’s getting on the phone and signing up clients or maybe it’s just designing all the marketing behind the scenes and letting someone else handle the sales and operations of the business.

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Whatever it is, the better that you’re able to identify and really articulate what you do best, the better you’re gonna be able to get everything else off your plate.

This means you’re gonna have less stress, you’re gonna have more time, and your client results are gonna skyrocket because you’re gonna be doing what you’re doing best and other people are going to be able to focus on doing what they do best.

Win-win, all around.

The next tip that we have to cover if you want to grow your digital marketing agency is that you do in fact need to niche down.

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I know you’ve heard this before, so before you skip the video and completely write it off, there is some merit to this, but I want to put in a few caveats.

I know you’ve heard that you need to niche down and niche down again and niche down again.

Well, this can in fact work and if you’re just getting started, it’s great advice, but as you scale up, it’s harder and harder to do because eventually you’re going to run out of market cap of a super micro niche, so you’re gonna need to expand a little more.

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So what does this mean? Well, when it comes to going out there and acquiring new clients, you do want to be niche-specific but there’s no reason that you can’t target multiple niches at a time or subsequently or one after another or whatever it is.

Understanding Your Niche and Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

When I’m talking about niches, I’m talking about not only the industry of, say, dentists, or chiropractors, or legal firms, or financial investment advisors or whatever it is, but also the services that you offer, whether it’s web design or SEO or online ads or whatever it is.

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Essentially, you can choose either the industry or the service that you’re offering and really focus on that for the time being.

Once you’ve built that up to the level that you want, then you can move on to the next one.

So, yes, you do need to niche down, but you are able to have multiple different niches that you’re targeting with multiple different marketing campaigns in your own business.

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The next tip is one of my absolute favorites and is largely responsible for massive growth in the very early years of my business and this is the willingness to outspend your competition.

So what do I mean by that? Well, if you’re operating in say, a local area, all you have to do is take a look at what other local advertising agencies or marketing agencies are doing in your area, and then do more of that.

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Fortunately, in most cases, it’s not too hard to run a few more Facebook ads or allocate a few more dollars towards your SEO or put out a little more content than the competition.

All you really need to do is continue to outspend them and eventually, over time, that gap becomes so large that they really will never be able to catch you and never be able to takeover the market share that you’ve established.

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Now, the easiest way to kind of ease your way into this is really to start small and just allocate an extra five or 10% of your revenue to your internal marketing budget.

Over time, as your revenue grows, that budget is going to grow along with it and it becomes a lot easier to essentially take over the market with content and value and more ads and staying top of mind among your target market.

You know, basically all the things you’re trying to do for your clients.

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so you want to grow on YouTube butyou're not sure about YouTube SEO and 2019 well you're in luck in this video Igive you the SEO tips for YouTube videos definitive guide that I call video SEOfor dummies hey creators I'm Ron Lyons founder ofcreators accelerate bringing you the latest tips and strategies that Idiscovered in my journey as a creator and has helped dozens of channelsaccelerate their message we're on this YouTube journey together so don't forgetto subscribe and hit the bell notification to get alerted about newvideo content weekly so you can experience what it's like to accelerateyour channel so let's dive into today's video so you've heard the numbersYouTube is growing by staggering amounts over 1 billion users and 5 billionvideos viewed per day so how does YouTube SEO in 2019 work hang on becauseI'm gonna give you the exact SEO tips for YouTube videos that I use toexponentially grow my YouTube channel from 0 subscribers to over a thousand inthe first 90 days and what's even more exciting is I've helped dozens of otherchannels to do the same every single strategy in this video is going to bekey for your success so make sure you watch all the way to the endthere's some really important information about getting support thatyou don't want to miss there's many key factors that impact SEO for YouTube butthe most confusing and probably hardest to understand is how to keywordsresearch for SEO and build the right title tags and descriptions for yourvideos now you can check out an in-depth video titled how to edit your videos onYouTube that covers in detail the exact process I use to rank my videos byclicking right up there in the cards and I put a link in the show notes below nowthis video is going to dive deeper into an SEO tutorial specific to keywords sothat by the end of the video you'll know exactly how to build effective clickabletitle relative tags and compelling descriptions to get your videos toring so if you haven't watched a video how the keyword research in 2019 you'llwant to make sure to do that so you can see how to research the keywords justclick right up there to watch that video and then come back over to this video sowe can put it all together all right so we have our keywords from doing theresearch that I showed you in the research video now we need to puteverything together and create our title tags and description now for that we'regoing to jump back into my computer and do a screen share alright so here we areback in my laptop and we are going to take the keywords that we have foundusing our research tools and build the title tags and description and so Ishowed you in the previous video on how to use the research tools we're gonnaactually use a different video just so you have some more examples and this onewas a video I did at Christmastime called organic Christmas gifts ideas2018 eco-friendly products for the home and again if we click on here we can seethis one ranking on the first page on quite a few things as well and so howdid we get this title and tags and description and again we use two buddywhich is this tool right here and we talked about the keyword Explorer toolwe use keywords everywhere to come up with a search volume on all of these soremember if we type in for example organic Christmas gifts you can see thatthere is a volume of 90 searches per month and so 90 people per month thatare searching for that keyword are gonna find this video since it's ranking highand then if you look at all of these each one of these kinds of search findsso this one maybe is 90 this one's maybe 100 this one's maybe you know a thousandand so you add all those up and that's how many people per month are findingthis video which is one of the keys that a lot of peoplethey just throw key words in here without making sure that there is asearch phone you using keywords everywhere so again if you haven'twatched that video make sure you go down in the description below and watch thevideo on how to keyword research for 2019 so as I went through and got all ofthose key words I actually put all of the metrics from the searches that wedid and so as an example we'll go to the keyword Explorer that I showed youbefore we type in Christmas gifts and remember we talked about some of thesemetrics over here and so I take all of these metrics and I put them into a tooljust a simple excel sheet and put all of those metrics in here and the two buddyscores here the search volume from keywords everywhere and now we have alist of a group of keywords and so it's really pretty simple so one of the firstthings you want to do when you're building your title is to look at someconsistencies between the keywords where you can maybe group the words togetherso in this case where I used organic organic Christmas gifts ideas 2018 youcan see there's Christmas gifts ideas 2018 and here is organic Christmas giftsand so those can kind of go together and sometimes this is a really easy processyou'll get lucky and find things that go together really wellsometimes it'll take a little more effort maybe you have to find some morekeywords in here to make it work because now this first part of the title whichis what I call the main title this part is what I call the subtitle and so oneof the things you want to look for is to front-load your main keywords that youwant to rank for so in this case the main topic of the video was organicorganic Christmas gifts so I want that at the beginning of the title or what Icall the main title and then there's a subtitle with some relative keywords aswell in this case we're able to find Christmas gifts ideasbind with organic Christmas gifts and so within this title there's actually threekeywords that match exactly within this one title and so that's what you'relooking for and even if you look at organic holiday gifts and organic giftsand Christmas gift guide 2018 and anti Crimmins Christmas gift they're all veryvery similar again highly laser targeted laser focused keywords and so then wemove on to the subtitle because remember we have a total of 70 characters thatwere able to use so we want to get something in here that's relative andspecifically is what we talked about in the video and of course with my organicChristmas gift ideas I'm also talking about eco-friendly products and so wetalked about eco-friendly skincare eco-friendly products right here eco-friendly products for the home whichhas a search volume than a thousand so that's what I ended up picking herebecause this one includes eco-friendly products for the home and eco-friendlyproducts right here so that you have two keywords built in there so this titlehas one two three four five keywords built into it and probably even a fewmore that I didn't even come up with but now that's how you build a title thatthe algorithm will look at and say wow this we know exactly what this is aboutand it'll index the video accordingly so I want to know have you been using theseSEO strategies in your ranking game if you have what keywords have you beenranking for and if not is this something that you're gonna start using let meknow in the comments below we'd love to hear your thoughts now we're not donebecause what we want to do is get over to the description and actually put inthose keywords within the description and so you can see here I've got thefirst three lines and this is the part that people see when they first click onthe video and so within those first three lines I viewthe keywords in the title the best organic Christmas gift ideas 2018 arehere these eco-friendly products for the home make great holiday gifts foreveryone and be sure to enter the free giveaway which I did a free giveaway andthat's what's called the content upgrade but then down here so this is for theviewers is what everybody sees when they click on it and here's a really greatpro tip down here at the very bottom is a paragraph where I specifically use asmany as these keywords as possible now this paragraph is does not have to begrammatically correct it does need to be complete sentences in a paragraphbecause you can't do what's called keyword stuffing you can't just takethese keywords and make a list on there YouTube will actually penalize yourvideo but you can make a paragraph so that they can see all of those keywordswithin there so on this video we have this paragraph that has all thosekeywords built into it we have the top part of the description that talks aboutthe keywords and gives a great hook that's visible to the viewer to get themto click on it we have a great title and all of the tags so that everything'slaser focused and the YouTube algorithm knows exactly what this video is aboutand ranks it accordingly and of course you can see the results of thoserankings the views and then the last pro tip is YouTube has recently starteddoing hashtags and so you can see a lot of videos will have hashtags right hereabove the title and so if you want to get an early jump on dominating thehashtag game in YouTube you want to start including those and it onlyaccepts three and so you can put those three hashtags down in the descriptionanywhere in the description it will show up right up here but there you have itthis is a great example of a title tags and description that are laser-focusedand will drive views to your video also for daily supportthat you need as you grow your channel you'll want to join our Facebookcommunity where you get your questions answered and connect with otheryoutubers who are growing just like you don't take my word for it check out someof the testimonials from channels in the creators accelerate group by going tothe testimonial playlist that I've linked in the cards above or down in thedescription below don't forget to give a thumbs up or a even a thumbs down if youdidn't like the video and give your feedback or questions in the commentsbelow so that we can connect and grow together my passion is to help creatorsjust like you learn from my mistakes as well as training and mentorship I'vereceived from the top influencers so that you too can accelerate your YouTubechannel so let's connect remember you're just one video away that's it for todayand I'll see you in the next video.

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